About us

The brand was founded in 2014 by Bohdan Victoria and Morik Oleksandra in the city of Kyiv.

Each new collection is a combination of fashion trends, style, quality and affordability . Therefore, it is easy to choose clothes from VMMA, because any woman will definitely find something to her taste among the assortment. Dress-shirts, trousers, blouses, suits, overalls - all this is made in the style of minimalism. The clothes look simple and elegant, they are devoid of unnecessary decorativeness, instead, each of its elements is thought out and appropriate. This allows you to wear VMMA clothes both for everyday use and for important events. Designers of the brand work closely with technologists to ensure that each product is perfect.

Yes, the clothes of this brand are beautiful not only on sketches - the model is monitored at all stages of production, so that every detail is made accurately, in accordance with standards quality.

That is why we can say that dresses, shirts, pants and other things from VMMA are synonymous with quality. As for fabrics, the brand's own production uses only high-quality materials.

It is the fabrics that become a feature and "feature" of many collections, because most of them are created specifically to order from VMMA.

Unique report, emphasis on a variety of colors and patterns that cannot be overlooked, exclusive jacquard fabrics - all this looks very well against the background of laconic silhouettes.

True connoisseurs of quality and comfort will not be able to pass by!